Here are our prices according to the quantity of disc purchased.
5 to 9 discs - $19.99/u
10 to 24 discs - $14.99/u
25 to 49 discs - $12.69/u
50 to 99 discs - 11.29$/u
100 to 199 discs - 9.99$/u
200 to 299 discs - 9.39$/u
300 to 499 discs - 8.19$/u
500 to 999 discs - 7.99$/u
1000 discs and more - 7.69$/u
Taxes and delivery not included.
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Iodisc is 2 Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts who have given themselves the mission of allowing players to use high quality sports equipment adapted to Ultimate Frisbee players.

Whether you want to create custom discs for your team, for a fundraising campaign, for your school or for your sports association, we can certainly help you.

Looking forward to meeting you on a field!

Sam & Alex

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Pour nous joindre, n'hésitez pas à utiliser le formulaire de contact ci-dessous ou nos coordonnées de contact.

Par téléphone -> +1 418-241-6964

Par courriel -> info@iodisc.com

Samuel Boissonneault - Directeur des ventes et relations client