Caractéristiques d'un bon disque d'ultimate frisbee

What characteristics for a frisbee of competitive caliber?

To determine a good disc for playing ultimate frisbee , here are some criteria to consider:

  1. Size and weight: the official discs for ultimate frisbee have a diameter of 273 mm and weigh approximately 175 g. Make sure the disc you use meets these dimensions, as a disc that is too heavy or too large could be difficult to throw and catch.

  2. The quality of construction: opt for a disc made with quality materials that are resistant to shocks and wear. A hard plastic or molded rubber disc is usually a good option.

  3. Disc Surface: Choose a disc with a smooth, flat surface to make throws and catches easier.

  4. Visibility: if you play outdoors, opt for a brightly colored and easily identifiable disc; white is usually the color used for competitions of all forms.

Finally, remember to practice and familiarize yourself with the disc before playing a match. This will allow you to better control the throws and catches and to feel comfortable with the disc!

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